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About T.O.P. Physical Therapy

Ross Walker D.P.T. / O.M.P.T.

My methods have been shaped and solidified after working as a clinic manager, at three separate facilities, and through advanced university-based education. Through these years and experiences I have become completely comfortable with my abilities to help you.  My philosophy is based on one simple principle, to incorporate a therapeutic modality, specific to a given patient. I don't subscribe to one dogmatic method of treatment for all patients. 


I incorporate massage, specific joint mobilization techniques, stretching and strength training to treat all limitations a patient might have, in a safe, comfortable way.  Of course, these techniques will overlap, but in a specific way, taking into account the patients injury and their desired outcome.  There will be, however, one common treatment for virtually every patient who walks though our doors and that is manual therapy. As a doctor of physical therapy I have an additional, separate certificate in Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy (OMPT).


I have seen the dramatic results that orthopedic massage, and translatoric joint mobilization can have on injuries involving the spine and extremities. There are a very small percentage of therapists who have completed the additional two years of university and residency based education to achieve this certificate. 


Our goal is in our name: to encourage and facilitate patients to return to a point at which they were previous to their injury and perhaps, with it,  improve their quality of life. We will be specific in what I call the Triad Philosophy.  For successful physical therapy to take place we need:


  1. Referring physician to provide open communication with the patient and our office

  2. A patient in need of therapy

  3. A physical therapist who is ready to facilitate healing and motivate the patient to achieve their goals


Simply put, we want our patients to have the most successful outcomes. We will do everything possible to accomplish this goal. 

Ross Walker O.M.P.T / D.P.T.
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